What does FMC stand for?

Fundacion Muchila Creativo is a non – profit organization established April 9, 2003.

Fundacion Muchila Creativo is a foundation that works in the:

  • Social field ( Community centers)
  • Cultural field ( Schools)
  • Educational field ( Schools)
  • Artistic field ( Schools and FMC)
  • Creative field ( Schools and FMC)
  • Therapeutic field ( FMC)

It is with great pleasure that Fundacion Muchila Creativo wants to motivate children, youth and adolescents to express themselves in arts as a whole, in the fields of music, dance, visual arts, and theater.

We also want to expand their creative horizon by means of literature, photography, video and multimedia.

FMC want to achieve this by means of courses, lectures, presentations, workshops, seminars and expositions in Aruba and abroad.

What is the meaning of Muchila?

Traditionally, in a Muchila we carry materials for work or tools to work in the fields, or to fish. FMC continuously plants and cultivates seeds of creativity with children, the youth and adults. This “harvest” will surely contribute to a better Aruba.

Board members:

President: Rose-Marie Provence MSc
Secretary: Emerita Emerencia
Treasurer: Sandy Patrick Maduro

Advisory member: Elise S. Sobol, Ed.D. (New York)


Marielle Perez

Monique Croes

Joan Hart

Muchila Team:

Emerita Emerencia: Multidisciplinary artist / educator in the fields of theater, dance and music for the arts-based school.

Krystel Banga: Music Therapist & Internship coordinator for arts-based school

Rose-Marie Provence MSc: Music educator, Music Therapist and Director arts-based school

Jane Lanooij – De Cuba: Music educator & Music Therapist and educator for arts-based school

Rudberth Wolff:  Visual Art educator & educator for arts-based school

Joselyn Gonzalez – Trimon:  Work Place specialist and educator for arts-based school

Regaynne Ravine:  Social supervisor & guidance for arts-based school


The mission of Fundacion Muchila Creativo is to guide and motivate children, youth and adults to creativity. In this manner they can develop their skills and abilities in the field of: music, dance, visual arts, theater, literature, multimedia and the arts in general.


FMC determines the next goals to reach the vision and mission:

Organize activities where we give more publicity to the development of the Arts in the Aruban community.

  • To transfer knowledge within education by offering different Arts disciplines.
  • To introduce, develop or to deepen more knowledge of Art and Culture in Aruba by organizing activities, courses, lectures and workshops.
  • To expand creative, artistic and therapeutic abilities by offering knowledge of the relevant matter through activities, courses and / or workshops.
  • To stimulate the sense of self-respect and self-confidence on the field of the arts in the Aruban community.


The vision of FMC is to develop and to promote the Arts and Culture in the Aruban community in the widest sense.