Muchila Creativo will be offering the following courses:


Teacher: Emerita Emerencia

In this course we use theater games, acting exercises and improvisation to help develop self-confidence, explore imagination, and learn to express creatively. Theater fundamentals are taught in a warm, encouraging environment. Participant will work collaboratively, and each have their own moment in the spotlight as well. Class culminates in a presentation for parents.

Course: Once a week 1 hour.
Group one: ages 8 – 14 years
Group two: ages 16 years and up


Creating music and singing is inspiring:

Teacher: Justy Lopez

Do you like music and singing? In this course you will learn to play an instrument in a creative way. The goal of this course is to learn in different ways how to express yourself through music.

Course: Once a week 45 Minutes
Ages: 4 – 6 years


Drawing & Color:

Teacher: Rudberth Wolff

Do you like to explore with different materials? During this course you will explore and learn to work with materials to create your own drawings and practice with different techniques to apply color.

Course: Once a week 1 hour
Ages: 8 years and up


Flute / Recorder:

Teacher: Joselyn Trimon

Do you want to learn playing flute? Do you want to explore with a recorder or a flute? You can learn the techniques and learn how to play songs and play together with others.

Course: Once a week 1 hour
Ages: 10 years and up



Teacher: Nigel Matthew

In this course children will learn to explore with printmaking. Participants will learn how to make their own prints and different techniques to produce an art piece and how to explore with the technique of printmaking.

Course: Once a week 1 hour
Ages: group 6 – 8 years
Ages: group 9 – 12 years



Teacher: Marielle Perez – Provence

In this course you will learn the techniques for making a good aquarelle. You will also learn the theory of colors and how to mix different colors. You will learn to make a composition of still life and how to make a scenery with aquarelle.

Course: Once a week 1 and a half hour
Ages: 15 years and up


Cuarta / Guitar:

Teacher: Rose-Marie Provence

Do you want to explore with cuarta or guitar and learn to play chords and songs? In this course you will learn the technique of the instrument and also how to play chords accompanying songs.

Course: Once a week 1 hour
Ages: Children 9 – 12 years
Ages: Adults.

Participation Fees

Registration fee:
Afl. 10,00 (only once)


Each lesson Afl. 25,00 or Afl. 100,00 a month for 60 minutes


Each lesson Afl. 37.50 or Afl. 150,00 a month for 90 minutes


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