Arts Based Education

Every child is entitled to a good education. Also, children who need additional support. Adequate education strives for every student a reasonable place. In this way the students will be prepared for the continuation of their education and to participate in the community.

This means that schools must take care of all students who need additional support to receive education that suits each one of them. Appropriate education is education that challenges them, that reaches out from their possibilities and their limitations and is responsible to offer every child a good education.

Special needs students learn by doing something. Beside the learning processes in the school, it is also important that the students experience the learning process in the working environment. This we call “Learning on location” “learning at the workplace”.

In the “learning at the workplace” the students do not learn only knowledge and skills, but they also learn to apply their knowledge and skills in a meaningful context.

The “learning at the workplace” must be a professional environment, where the student accomplishes his or her work as part of the service or the production process. Sometimes they can learn this process inside the school, but mostly they will learn these processes externally.

The advantage of a “learning in the workplace” at school is that the environment is secure and safe for the student.

Our Foundation provides a pilot project with a “learning in the workplace” for special needs youth with and Arts-Based education program as a starting point. We direct ourselves on the emotional and intellectual development, we develop the creativity and the intertwining of knowledge to social, cultural, and physical skills. The student will receive optimal opportunities to develop themselves as a person within their own possibilities and to learn educational skills at their own pace. The student will develop their personal skills, learn social and cultural values, how to work together with other youngsters and to take part in the community. The students will in small groups learn skills and participate in activities and receive a lot of attention.

The digital education program “Time4learning”, the Arts-Based program and the “learn and workplace” inspire and motivate the youth to “develop themselves according to their own character and talent through all kinds of activities on an artistic level”, and to” become who they are” within a kind of education that continuously redevelops, according to the youth at present and the era in which they live.

The “learn and workplace” will take the students seriously from the point of view that in this way we can establish with them a sincere and a tolerant community, in which they relate to each other in diversity and similarities.

o   the students will learn to give shape to language, arithmetical concepts, science, orientation on the world, skills and techniques through a digital program and go through a creative process by means of knowledge, skills, and attitude through the Performing Arts. (Music, visual art, drama, and movement) and through the “learn and workplace”.

o   the students will learn to express their feelings, ideas, and experiences.

o   the students will learn to verbalize their opinion and to communicate.

o   the students learn to work together as a team.

o   the students learn to reflect on their own work and from another.

o   the students gain knowledge about and receive appreciation for aspects of cultural heritage. (Objects from the past, rituals, traditions, stories, and arts from the past).

The Arts-Based education program offers the students space to profile themselves in all kinds of manners. Through this artistic program we offer a quality boost to function in the community. The students must prepare themselves to participate for employment. Appropriate employment must be examined individually: and suitable to each student, considering his or her wishes, possibilities and limitations. The students will be prepared through targets on the job and they can develop their career and labor capabilities to the maximum, considering their possibilities and limitations. The students will be prepared for the job through portfolio building.

The Arts-Based program is intended for maximal 8 special needs students between 16 and 23 years who need some special guidance. The purpose is to allow them to develop themselves as independently as possible.

  1. During a block of 1 ½ hourthe students will receive a specific curricular education.

They will receive this through an online program Tim4learning where they will receive: Language: English and Papiamento, Arithmetic and Math, Orientation on the World, Humanity and Science.


  1. During this block of 1 ½ hourthey will work in the “learn and workplace”.

The students learn occupational skills in general and specialist skills. We offer a development-oriented workplace, but we also work together with social and commercial places where the students can practice different skills.


  1. During a block of one hour, we work each day with one Art discipline.

The students receive:

  1. Music & Drum band
  2. Theater
  3. Visual Art
  4. Dance / Movement
  5. Multimedia / Film and Photography