“Multimedia is the use of several different media (e.g., text, audio, graphics, animation, video and interactivity) to give information. Multimedia also direct to the use of computer technology to create, store, and experience multimedia content.

The popularity of using animation to help learners understand and remember information has highly increased since the arrival of powerful graphic oriented computers. This technology allows animations to be produced much more easily and cheaply than in former years. Nowadays software is available that makes it possible for individual educators to make their own animations without the need for specialist expertise. Teachers are no more limited to relying on static graphics but can easily convert them into educational animations.

Educators are enthusiastically taking up the opportunities that computer animation provides for describing dynamic content. For example, PowerPoint now has an easy-to-use animation facility, that can produce very effective educational animations. Because animations can explicitly describe changes over time, they seem ideally relevant to the teaching of processes and procedures.

Well-designed animations may help students learn faster and easier. They are also excellent aid to teachers when it comes to explaining difficult subjects. With the aid of computer animations, learning and teaching might become easier, faster and amusing.

According to V.M. Williamson and M.R. Abraham, animation helps students learn in two ways. It facilitates the creation of mental representations of concepts, phenomenon, and processes and it also replaces difficult cognitive processes (e.g., abstraction, imagination).

There are also studies that revealed that learning is facilitated as animation create positive attitude among the learners, leading to positive learning outcomes.


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