Musical: “Storia di Pabou” 2018

Every year Fundacion Muchila Creativo presents the project “Storia di Pariba y Pabou” at a secondary school of Aruba. This year we choose Colegio San Antonio at St. Cruz.

In Februari 2018 the project started under direction of a team of professionals from Fundacion Muchila Creativo and 1 student of IPA (Instituto Pedagogico Arubano). The project took place after school with students of the third year. In a later stadium of the musical we invited some students of the first and second year due to a gap in the theatre group. A lot of students of this school are very musical. At the end of the project we had a schoolband and a drumband.

124 students participated at the musical.

On Friday May 25th 2018 the presentation of the musical took place at Cas di Cultura Aruba for a large public, with live music performed by the students and some professionals. The musical was under direction of Emerita Emerencia with cooperation of Luty Martinez as stage coordinator. It was almost full house. Everyone enjoyed the show.

Thanks to everyone who made this project a success.

Every year Muchila achieve this project with another school.

Is your school also interested?

Please contact us!

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