Workshop “Reaching Higher with music in education: inclusive classroom success for lifelong learning”.

On the 21th and 22nd of May 2018 Dr. Elise Sobol from New York presented a two-day music workshop at Cas di Cultura for teachers of primary schools of Aruba.

During the music workshop the participants got different musical skills which they can use in their classroom, so that the pupils can function at a higher level in education.

The objectives of the workshop were:

A big part of the workshop existed of practical skills about musical elements where the presenter entangled all the participants actively through multimodal activities for an integrated and cultural curriculum, which the teachers can apply at primary schools and in special education. Elise resumed prominent highlights from previous workshops and new information was included.

Highlights from the workshop were:

o Participants got experience during the workshop how to use a musical repertoire with active participation and diferent materials in education.

o Participants got skills how to evaluate on a higher level and how they can improve equal social oportunities in education.

o Participants learned concepts how to apply new musical knowledge in every classroom, for a better academic, social and emocional development.

o Participants learned how to use critical intellectual capacity by pupils, through musical experiences.

o Participants learned how to use strategies and tecniques to teach at special education and how to integrate music in the curriculum to improve literacy by pupils, inclusive challenges on the field of knowledge, communication, sense, physical and behavior.


The teachers participated two days consecutive at the workshop. At the end of the first day of the workshop the teachers got a task which they had to implement in their classroom and had to present the results of the class on the second day of the workshop. The participants acquired a lot of experience which they can explore further in their classroom.

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