House of Virginia

From May 2019 till December 2019 Muchila sustained the project House of Virginia, a project funded by UNESCO Aruba. House of Virginia is an initiative of artist Vanessa Paulina.

The Project is named ‘House of Virginia’ because of Aruba’s most rebellious slave named ‘Virginia’, the intention is to bring empowerment to women through Virginia’s strong spirit.

This project is about reinforcing, empowering and healing battered women on the island of Aruba with the intention to stretch across the borders by including the other islands in the (Dutch) Caribbean.

Battered in the broad sense; Mental and physical mistreatment, including harassment, terrorization, abuse, rape and other forms of violence against women.

Safe Haven

The intention is to make a safe haven, an inspiring place where women can come together and let their voices be heard. Expressing themselves in a creative and spiritual way by participating in workshops of different Art disciplines like; Writing/Visual Arts/ Sculpting/Performing Arts and Theater/ Music and Dance/Yoga, Meditation, Sacred Dance.

-A place where women’s voices will be heard, where they can get help and guidance in a therapeutic way by healing through creativity and expression.

-A place where they get to listen to different experiences from women speakers who have been through similar ordeals and prevailed.

-A place where they can receive self-help programs from local and international teachers, professionals and therapists.

-A place where they can experience healing, peace and relaxation by having a deeper spiritual connection with their true selves through several practices such as a Sensory room/ Meditation/Yoga and Sacred Dance.

This project will help heal the victims within or without families; Mother and child. ‘House of Virginia’ is a place where younger and older women, mothers and children will find healing. Virginia’s strong-willed spirit will lead as an example for this project. Her voice will be heard and re-lived by the female of any age, at any stage. Through this project, healing and positive changes will be woven into the community by delivering stronger women and children to elevate our society. Having strong women present in our community will enforce a positive change in men as well, eventually restoring the balance between the genders.

It is proven that creativity cures depression.

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